Our school trip to Munich, April 8th to 11th 

Because of Covid, my class wasn't able to go on a school trip in 9th grade. So finally, after one year we planned a trip to Munich. Actually, it was planned by our amazing teachers and principal.

We (that meant year 9 and 10) met at Central Station and got on the train. We didn't do anything special on the way, because many of us were tired, so we slept on the way, but also played some games and listened to music. When we arrived there, we checked in at the hotel and left to go on a city tour. That city was just amazing and so big. Munich is like an old town but so fancy. Later, we also got some free time to go to explore a little bit by ourselves. I was shopping with some of my friends and took so many pictures of the town. Then we went out to eat all together. After that, we spent some time with other classes in the hotel rooms and had so much fun. The next day we got up early in the morning to eat breakfast and then we left to go to Dachau. In Dachau it was so cold that we couldn't really enjoy the time we were outside, but it was very emotional for us to see what had happened to so many people there. And moreover, it was kind of scary to know that so many people were killed, tortured or starved to death at that place where we walked. Our guide was incredible. He even knew lots of facts about Pforzheim and he explained everything in such an interesting way. He didn’t even have to look at notes, he knew everything by heart.

Later we went to see the crowd at the Allianz Arena. We almost lost a few students there because at that time the football game was about to start and there were like over 10 000 people. So that was interesting.

A day after that we went to the Deutsches Museum and it was kind of boring but not too bad. Some students slept in on the chairs and benches. What had those students done during the night??? Then we came to Bavaria Filmstudios on a tour and also made our two own short movies. I was part of one of them. I was behind the scene and made the background moving. That was so funny and very exciting. After that we got ready to go to the Hard Rock Cafe. The food there was amazing and it was interesting when our teacher ordered her food in English. Day after that was kind of sad because we needed to go back home and actually many of us wanted to stay few days longer. We had time to go to town to walk around and then we met at the Central Station in Munich to get home. This trip was a really funny experience for me and I will never forget it.

And not to forget how we were separated from part of our group on day:  Our teacher accidently dropped her mask twice while entering the tram. We didn’t pass her, but the tram driver closed the door in front of us and left with half of our group. We had to take the next tram. While we were waiting, we practiced some group dance on the street. 😊 So, the time wasn’t too long.

by Vanesa Bocka, 10a

München Trip

Bild: Münchner Trip

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